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The visa application process can take upwards of twelve months to finalise, and involves many complex steps, including form-filling and the collection of supporting documents.


We are happy to come onboard at any stage of that process – whether you are planning a future visa application, are part way through your application, or have recently had a visa application declined.

The details below explain how we would work with you if you contacted us at the very start.


Naturally, we vary our approach according to the circumstances, but this will provide you with a clear view of the way that we typically work.

Our service begins with a free, no-obligation consultation.


This will allow us to accurately assess your circumstances, and to build a picture of how we can help you.


Next, our registered migration agent, Fizah Ismail (MARN 168440), will work closely with you to simplify the complex and time-consuming process of emigrating to Australia.

Your Free Consultation

Identifying the most appropriate visa type adds clarity to the process, but there are still many practical stages to move through.


First, you will need to fill out a range of forms, and bring together documentation to support your application.


Fizah will advise you throughout this stage, and provide step-by-step instructions where needed.


Having this kind of support from a registered migration agent is the key to preparing your application correctly and fully, and can avoid small errors that often cause visa applicants to be rejected.

Practical Assistance

Applying for the correct type of visa is vital – and can significantly increase the chances of your application being accepted.


With this in mind, Fizah will begin by researching which of the many visa types is most suitable for you.


This may be influenced by your family relationships within Australia, your professional skills, your business ambitions, and many other factors.


You can be confident that Fizah will carefully assess your unique situation and offer the honest advice you need.

Visa Types

Once all the necessary documentation is collected, we will present your application to the Department of Home Affairs in the best form.


While it’s impossible to guarantee the success of any application, we have a sincere dedication to giving every client the highest possible chance of approval.

Presenting Your Application

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